Is Handwriting Extinct?

Handwriting is becoming extinct in Education! Why? Well, there are many other demands on teachers, a push for technology, and no funding for teaching handwriting. So, yes handwriting is becoming extinct in the field of Education, but it doesn’t have to be at home. The problem is students are still required to write and sign their name on special documents as they get older. The mission to make handwriting extinct needs to be a failed mission! 
Handwriting is very important in school and in life. If you are unable to write or sign your name you may have difficulty working a job, especially when technology is down or simply assisting a customer that wrote in cursive. The importance of handwriting practice is more needed now than ever!
Ask yourself these questions:
Can I read my child’s handwriting?
Do they know how to write in cursive?
Can they sign their name?
Can they read cursive?
If you answered, “no” to any of the questions then, it’s time to remove the tablets and cellphones and get your child a book to assist with handwriting. Handwriting can be unique with cursive and print, they can create their own legible style. Make it fun and easy for them. Practice at least 15 minutes 3-4 times a week. Before you know it, your child’s handwriting will be on point! 
Remember parents are the first teachers and you may even find some great activities to do with your child for great family time and memories! 
Check out these handwriting tips:
  1. Practice using shaving cream or sand in a tray to get your child to feel the motion of forming the letter.
  2. Start by having your child practice their name. 
  3. Using a pencil gripper may help with your child holding their pencil.
  4. If your child is left-handed please encourage them to do what is comfortable for them. 
  5. Use adaptive paper.
  6. Purchase a fun and easy handwriting book. 
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