Educational Consulting

We offer families and educators across the metro-Atlanta area academic and professional guidance. FAN educational services will provide support and wisdom in relation to K-12 school placement, college admission, educational policies, educational procedures, as well as professional educators' support. We are committed to meeting the needs of students, parents, and educators!

Support Services

K-12 Private & Public Placement

We will work with you to visit and research the best schools in the Atlanta area that meets your child's academic and social needs. We will ensure the school meets your child's interests, abilities, and your family's educational values.

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College Admission Support

Your child is preparing to embark on a new journey in their life. College is a time for discovery. We will focus on your child's academics, career, extracurricular activities, and any other supportive experiences. Let us support with the admission process to their school of choice.

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Educational Policies

Education policies and procedures help define rules, regulations, procedures, and protocols for schools and school districts. If you have questions and concerns regarding educational policies and procedures let us find the answer for you. We can assist parents and educators with educational concerns.

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Professional Educator Support

Educators are true heroes! Although educators wear so many hats the workload may be stressful sometimes, but also rewarding. Do you need guidance on which road to take in Education? Do you need support with concerns with your job or certification? We can support you in multiple ways with the right support and guidance.

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