Tutoring Sessions

We have partnered with Birdsong Books to offer tutoring. We will focus on reading literacy skills and math skills from agaes 5-10 years old to build lifelong readers.

Interested in Group Tutoring?

The cost per session is $40. Special rates are available.

Please CLICK HERE to register for more information.

  • Increase Reading & Math Fluency

Increase Reading & Math Fluency

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My child went to Kindergarten this year ready! She received a hour of tutoring for over 6 months and was able to recognize letters, sounds, blend, and even read!


I was told my child needed to repeat his grade last year. I reached out to FAN Educational Services and they went to work for my son. A customized plan was developed for him and he is now reading and blending unfamiliar words to read.I am amazed with his progress!


FAN Educational Services have quality professional tutors that provide the support all children need!

Jessica G